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For continual growth and success we pay close attention to your comments. In fact, most of our improvements comes from your ideas and requests. Please give us your questions and submit your feedback through our contact form. Thank you.

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What currency is quoted?

All quoted prices are in US dollars.

How long does it take to ship?

We have weekly shipments from Puerto Rico. Transit time to most Caribbean destinations is 2-7 days. Most orders are fulfilled in 48hrs. Delivery time for custom orders will be given at quotation time. This said most orders would arrive destination 4 - 10 days from the order confirmation date.

Is it possible to vary quantities in pre-sorted Barrels?

Yes, you can vary amounts of any particular item. Do keep in mind that capacity of the barrel is fixed. You might have to decrease other items in order to increase some. We will then reevaluate the barrel cost base on your assortment. Any variation of pre-set barrels is a premium service subject to a fee.